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At KC Gutter Cleaning we thrive to ensure that all our gutters are cleaned in a safe, efficient and quick manner, all with the help of the latest gutter cleaning technology. Contact us today to get your gutters looking brand new.
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We are moving our website to our new and improved site. All booking can still be done from here or you may head on over to Gutter And Patio Clean for any enquiry.


Why Choose Us With Your Gutters

At KC Gutter Cleaning we believe every home owner should include gutter cleaning in their maintenance programme

 The following problems can arise if your gutters are neglected:

Roof and fascia board damage

Clogged gutters and water seeping beneath the roof and fascia boards are both caused by debris buildup. This may result in unattractive fascia board staining, roof rot, and other problems.

Unwanted pests

Leaf litter and other materials that build up in your gutters can serve as a habitat for insects, reptiles, and small mammals. Do you want mosquitoes to establish a colony in your gutter puddles? Or even some mice?

Developing vegetation

The heaps of leaf debris in your gutters make the ideal environment for seeds to germinate. Plant roots and shoots can damage gutters, in some cases necessitating the replacement of entire gutter sections.

How do you tell if your gutters are clogged?

Birds or other vermin in your gutters, water overflowing from the sides, drooping regions, siding stains, and/or plant growth are typically indications that your gutters are clogged and need urgent gutter cleaning. Let us know if you see any of these, and we’ll be happy to come to your aid.

Why is it necessary for a professional gutter clean?

Cleaning gutters by hand can be a messy job, and it’s hard work acquiring the skills to coordinate the equipment. As professionals, we use a powerful, specialist SkyVac that means the job is carried out safely and effectively, and with as little mess as possible.

And most residential gutter cleaning can be done with our feet firmly on the ground, so you avoid the additional cost of access equipment like scaffolding.

What will happen if i don't get my gutter cleaned?

If you don’t have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis, dirt and debris will build up and prevent adequate water drainage. As a result, your home may have major issues like floods, paint and rendering damage on the exterior, and leaks and dampness seeping into your home.


    We recommend you get your gutters cleaned every 6-12 months, ideally at the end of autumn and in spring. If there is any noticeable clogging though, it’s best to get your gutters cleaned right away.


    We ask for the space beneath your gutters to be clear of any obstructions, such as toys and furniture. Additionally, please close all of your home's windows.

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Gutter Prices

Prices will depend on your property size and the level of dirt.

On average Gutter cleaning will be between £50 to £220. Commercial property pricing will require a site visit for accurate quoting. We currently serve Horley, Horsham, Reigate, Gatwick, Redhill, Salfords, Charlwood, Smallfield, Copthorne, Crawley, Caterham, Croydon ,East Grinstead

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